Introducing FITFI

Train Solo, with a Friend or a Professional all remotely
without the need for wearables.

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The Power of a camera

Train solo and get a little bit more confident in your workouts but leave the counting and keeping track to us. What powers FITFI is an advanced workout detection algorithm designed to manage your training. It identifies workout type, reps, calories burned and weights being lifted.

No more awkward stands, cookie-cutter templates to stand-in or reps to track, just you, your iPhone and your favourite playlist.

FITFI is completely free during "Alpha" and ready to detect 16 various exercises.

Invite your friends to workout

Take it to the next level. Train with friends, personal trainers and even professional athletes. Showcase your abilities, enable the skeleton feature to assist with proper form, monitor progress, take part in challenges and even obtain advice. 


Easy to understand results motivate you to stay on track of your goals with a weekly side-by-side comparison.

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Who will you train with next?

FITFI works with iphones 8 and up but performs best with iphone 10 and 11. 

We are working hard to increase FITFI compatibility with previous models so that everyone can enjoy the benefit.